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Specialty Chinese Herbs

Specialty Herbs

We stock hundreds of traditional Chinese herbs and compounds. We do bulk and specialty ordering.

Green Tea & Chinese Herbal Tea in New York City Chinatown


We offer green and black teas, as well as specialty teas for weight loss, regulating high blood pressure, and much more.

Chinese Herbal Medicine in New York City

Herbal Remedies

We offer traditional Chinese herbal remedies (TCM) in treating various symptoms.

Best-selling Chinese Herbs, Compounds, and Specialty Tea

We have been in business since the 1980’s, selling teas, herbs and tonics to customers in New York City. In 1999, we launched our website and have been sharing our products with tea aficionados all over the world.

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We gladly offer recommendations for you. TCM is a comprehensive healthcare system developed in China that is used throughout the world today. One of the reasons it is growing in popularity and recognition so quickly is that it works. Its treatments are effective and safe.

What make TCM unique from mainstream medicine is that it recognizes that we each have sets of symptoms and patterns that exist collectively, not coincidentally, as part of who we are, how we live, work, eat, and enjoy life. Treatments are multifaceted, and help your body work better as a whole, so that you can experience lasting results.

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