Tea has been a popular beverage for centuries in countries like China, Japan, India, and England. In fact, tea consumption in the world ranks second only to water consumption. Recently, the United States has experienced a surge in tea drinking. But tea’s unique flavor is not the only reason consumers are increasing their tea consumption. Recent research has shown that tea may protect against several types of cancer, it may reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and it has greater antioxidant power than many fruits and vegetables.

The three kinds of beverage tea, Camellia sinensis, differ in the way they are processed.

Black Tea: The leaves of black tea, made by every tea-growing nation, are partially dried and their juices squeezed from them before they are fermented and dried.

Green Tea: The leaves that make green tea are steamed, crushed, and dried. Green tea leaves are not fermented

Oolong Tea: Oolong teas go through a shorter fermentation period than black teas and are regarded as semi-fermented

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